Dear death, I write with a heavy heart,
As life’s end draws near, we must part.
In this letter, my final plea,
Grant me peace, set my spirit free.

My life is with pain,no medicine to heal,
My feelings are dead, no more to feel.
This society has tagged me UNWANTED,
Death is the solution, needs to be granted.

Each day a struggle, each night a sigh
In your arms, may I finally lie?
Please release me from this world of pain,
Where tears fall like relentless rain.

Memories haunt, like shadows deep,
In this darkness, may I sleep?
To the unknown, I now surrender,
Guide me gently, in your tender.

Farewell to the world, to all I’ve known,
To joys and sorrows, now overthrown.
In this letter, my final breath,
Embrace me, death, in gentle death.

Dear death,in shadow’s embrace,
In this letter, I request for your grace.
As my life’s burdens kill my soul,
Grant me peace as I surrender my tale.

Dr. Bhanja Kishor Rana@India
Copy Rights Reserved

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