A Shiny sky


Having a clear sky,
It appears shining.
But in this apparantly clear sky
There are many things going on,
A great experience in the universe.
We ask many questions
to ourselves,
why do we want to progress
in the shining would ?
Why do we want to become
more clear , more learned,
More powerful ?
We need more money,
a bigger shelter with
a lot of facilities inside it.
That is why we all want more.
We all want to keep on
climbing the heaven with lader.
Don’t we ?
These are really illusion
superficial and deep attachment only.
Let’s think on its reality.
We have to see the truth
of these things spirituality
and inwardly .
These are so called progress,
Because internal shining is
better than outer sky.

Dr Suresh Chandra Sarangi

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