An Untold Dream
In the shadow’s kingdom, where nightmares reside,
There a child dreams, with his eyes denied.
His pillow is cold, his blanket is thin,
Yet in his heart, we find a dream within.

He dreams of lands where rivers flow,
Of meadows green where flowers grow.
A world untouched by pain and woe,
Where laughter sings and hearts glow.

But morning breaks, the dream must fade,
Reality’s harsh light is displayed.
In this world of endless need,
His dream is a fragile, fleeting seed.

Yet still he dreams to have hope’s embrace,
Though tears may stain his weary face.
A bright flame burns in his heart
A dream tries to soar beyond the night.

Though poverty may chain him down,
His spirit rises, wears no crown.
In his dream, he’s rich and free,
But the world makes him unfold his cry.

It is time to weep for the dream untold,
For his heart that drinks the bitter cold.
In every tear,in every shy,
A poor child’s dream is forever nigh.

Dr. Bhanja Kishor Rana @ India
Copy rights reserved

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