Children ๐Ÿ˜•

When brothers quarrel,
Parents r divided.
The month which has 31 days:-
They live with 1 boy for 15 days,
They live with another boy,
for 15 days….
Another day passes away,
at the roadside, with fasting.
Today’s parents r separated….
Parents who grows up-
Their children,
by bearing the burden of debt.
For those children,
Parents become a Thorny fence.
Then children give them,
Throat punch.
Today’s parents become strangers.
They’ve enough money,
for watching movie & shopping.
bt no money to buy medicine –
for their parents.
Parents r the living god,
Who couldn’t live in the house.
Lots of pilgrimage have no value,
for those children.
Parents r Air, Water, Soil
& the sky:-
The basis for survive.
By serving them,
My dear brothers & sisters..
Do worthy ur life.

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