Cijo Joseph Chennelil Sir’s Review on my poem SINCE YOU ARE GONE!

(2565)My creatively positive rumination on a wonderful poem titled “SINCE YOU’RE GONE !” delineated by DrPrasana Kumar Ji from India.


My love has made you an enemy in a way
I’m not what I’m since I ‘ve fallen in love
Should I change my goal or hide myself
Should I forsake my life to be a monk
Truly speaking I ‘ve none but you in my mind
Should I catch hold of this dark night
Or inhale the coolness of the full moon
The light of day and night means the same
For only you ‘ve always been my inspiration
And I’m not the same since you’re gone.

©®Dr.Prasana Kumar Dalai @India.
Date.Sun,27 Aug 2023.

Dr.Prasana Kumar Dalai Ji,

Your poem titled “Since You’re Gone” is a poem that keeps the stage on fire by infusing the concept of love with that enigmatic sensitivity.Love is fraught with so many fluctuating fortunes.Love creates an environment akin to a roller coaster ride.Love takes us to places where Angels fear to tread.The highest point of love is clearly self effacement at the altar of love.The extreme form of love does result in things getting into a tailspin.Here,the individual concerned gets his/her focus right on the bull’s eye.Once,this action packed love is gone with the winds,it is very difficult to salvage it at any rate.

Cijo Joseph Chennelil.
Kuravilangad,August 2023©®

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