Collaboration #1 by Kristy Raines and Dr Prasana Kumar Dalai


Like a dawn you entered my life
Calm and quiet,all refreshing
And I came adorned in the dust
Of every lane and alley ;
You came like an angel
The panacea of my heartache
I haven’t returned to my life again
But for a wound open today
Perhaps I have reached
The dusk of my life.

©®Dr.Prasana Kumar Dalai@India

Reponding to My Love..


If from the dusk you have come to me
I will restore your heart to where it began.
I have watched the knife that caused the wound
and my love will be the salve that heals it
For, my love did not come from a jealous heart,
but from a place of pureness that only love can come from
Let me bathe you in my affection, because in my eyes
I see no dusk, only our dawn. ©

Kristy (Summer) Raines

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