Collaboration #120

Collaboration #120 Presented by DrPrasana Kumar from India and
Kristy Raines from The United States of America


You are losing your trust on me
But you can never forget me
I don’t know why I’m certain
You won’t be able to mar my life
Whenever you turn the pages
Everything ‘ll remind you of me
In both pain and pleasure
You ‘ll find me pining for you
Wherever you go, a new spark awaits
Even if you try to extinguish it
You can’t find the reason of your tears.

©®Dr.Prasana Kumar@India

She speaks to reassure him of her love…


Our lives have been filled with much joy
But all relationships are sometimes strained
Trust has never been an issue with us
for you have never given me a reason not to
So marring your life has never filled my mind
One heart, can only feel the other’s feelings
So, how could that thought even enter yours?
In every pain or pleasure, you will be with me
But without you, my heart could not survive
Wherever you go, I will be beside you
With every spark, I welcome the fire
And no tears will ever fall to damage that heat
Only if we ever part. <3

June 3, 2023

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