Collaboration #121

  1. Collaborations #121 Written by Dr.Prasana Kumar from India and Kristy Raines from The United States of America


Far away though, you’re close to me
The reality is beyond the dreams
Do give me all the pains you have
You’re there in every prayer of mine
But tell me where you’re in reality
You’re mine; I can share with none
I ‘ve lost my heart over you only
As if I ‘ve lost my senses for you
Remember and you’ll find me close
Dream and find me under your eyes .

©®Dr.Prasana Kumar Dalai@India.
Date.Sun,04 June 2023.

She looks in his eyes and then whispers to him…


Far away I may be in distance
but in my heart you are so close
What I thought was only in dreams
has become reality in front of my eyes
I will never grieve you with my pain
Though I know you’d take it gladly
Just keep me in your prayers at night
The One above us will give me rest
You ask me what is my reality
I think you know by now
But the words are like a wish
I dare not say it out loud
Or else it may not come true.
Just know that no matter what happens
in my heart you will always have a place
Every time you think of me, I will appear
And in sleep, no one can take me from you. <3

June 4, 2023

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