Collaboration #122

Collaboration #122 Written by DrPrasana Kumar from India and
Kristy Raines From The United States of America.


God has written a destiny for me
Which doesn’t bear your name
I convey my pains in my writings
For this reason I am called a poet
My heart does sob day and night
I do know you don’t belong to me
And will never be mine in this birth
My mistakes cause pains to others
My naïveté is such a test in love
You are the dream sans meaning
My eyes never get tired of staring
Since it is my fate to wait for you.

©©Dr.Prasana Kumar Dalai@India.

She speaks these words of truth to her Dream…


I have learned in life that everyone has a journey
that bears no one’s name but our own to walk
God has also made me a Poet, but on another road
I write what is in my heart, good or bad.. It’s my gift
I know I will never belong to you in this birth
Fore in this birth, I only belong to The One Above..
To fulfill His bidding and his destiny for me without you
I am a healer of hearts, a lover of the unloved and I
am a warrior for the suffering… He rules my steps
And yes.. I am also your dream without meaning
Until our journeys for Him are fulfilled in this life
We will have to live the lives we were given, apart
Perhaps it will change in the next life, My Dear One..
But remember..It is also my fate to wait for you..
Our true test of Love.

June 6, 2023

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