Collaboration #123

  1. Collaboration #123By: DrPrasana Kumar of India and Kristy Raines of The United States of America


Your face, a beautiful sight for me
The moon spreads lights and
Your beauty is enhanced much more
That shy look of yours travels like an arrow
Piercing my heart deep and straight
It’s easy to set fire
It takes ages to settle down
True, flowers have weaknes at the core
Smile on the face
An excuse to hide the feelings.

©®Dr.Prasana Kumar Dalai@India

She holds him close as she whispers to him..


I see the way you look at me
under the beautiful moonlight above
The sparkle in your eyes tell on you
As they put the stars to shame
But they can’t hide your fiery heart
as you hold me so close to you
It takes everything in me to even breathe
A true flower I am, who has weaknesses too
Deep in my core your touch is felt
And no smile can hide what I feel for you tonight.

June 9, 2023

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