Collaboration #124

  1. Collaboration #124 Written by DrPrasana Kumar from India and Kristy Raines from The United States of America


You are my heartbeat , me the heart
My abode is your companionship
I do seek my home in your street
In your hands I exist since we met
I ‘ve changed & achieved every thing
Even there were difficulties earlier
Reaching goal has now become easy
None but I can read your heart beats
You are getting upset & persuaded
Fetching your smile I find happiness.

©®Dr.Prasana Kumar Dalai@India.

She looks at him with love and speaks…


I am your companion, your lover and friend
You are the heart that feels my every emotion
My heartbeat, is the wellspring of your life
You seek your home in my arms every night
and in my hands I hold your tender heart
We’ve both overcoming earlier difficulties
and have grown in many ways together
Only you truly know the beats of my heart
whether I am happy or I am somber inside
But oh, how easily you can find my smile
And when you smile back.. there is no doubt
that my pounding heart beats only for you <3

June 10, 2023

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