Collaboration #126

Collaboration #126 Written By DrPrasana Kumar of India
and Kristy Raines of The United State of America


Heartbeats of mine recall those days
As your dreams flash upon my eyes
The cloudy sky displays a rainbow
And you appear like an angel in bliss
I count the scattering dreams at night
I hear sweet sounds of your anklets
You dazzle like a diamond necklace
Hanging around me in my heart
As you are lost all the time for me
The breeze brings your fragrance
And I do heartily inhale the same.

©®Dr.Prasana Kumar Dalai @ India.

She remembers just like it was yesterday and responds…


It is beautiful how you still think of me
As if we are still in the days of our youth
You have always been so sentimental
And you recall every little thing about me
What I wore, my perfume, and my anklets
I remember the way you would look at me
How you would hold me close as we danced
slowly to your favorite songs in the evening
Time has passed so quickly my dear
Does my name still hang on your heart?
I think of you so often, though we are apart
I still wear the same scent that blows
to where you are so you won’t forget me
and I still wear the ring that you bought me
promising me that you will never forget me.
I will always be with you.. just think of me…
and I will appear once again in your dreams. <3

June 15, 2023

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