Collaboration #127

Collaboration #127 Written with Love By:
DrPrasana Kumar in India and Kristy Raines In The United States of America


The body of my poem fade away in the blue.
And I am deep in a dream of you
You come to my arms,may this bliss never end.
For we love a new just as we used to do
This love of mine goes on and on
Life is empty since you have gone
You are always on my mind though out of sight
It’s lonesome through the day and night
I carry my heart out its going to break
I ask the sun and the moon
The stars that shine
My life is empty since you have gone
It needs someone to run.

©®Dr Prasana Kumar Dalai@India.

She thinks of him and wishes he was here…


As I fall asleep with the moonlight glow
I think of you also as I drift off into sleep
I meet you always in the same place
It is in your arms and with your touch
that makes life worth living.. as it always will be.
You never leave my thoughts and I miss your caress.
So far you are from me, yet your love is always close
At times it is hard to think that you will never be here
yet I find comfort knowing you wish you were with me too
I wake for a moment and I gaze at the moon and stars above
I ask them to tell you that my love never ends when I wake
Fore when I rise, I still dream of your kiss when the sun rises also.
I’ll never feel complete without you…

June 16, 2023

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