Collaboration #132

Collaboration #132 By Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai of India and Kristy Raines of The United States of America


Every iota of heart recites your name
Since I ‘ve looked at you long back
My days and nights ‘re entangled
Now my life has been stolen by you
Let me leave this mundane world
My eyes ‘re shot with your breaths
Let me hide in the lap of your dreams
My dreams ‘re yours if you ‘re lost
Quench my thirst with your dreams
Decorate me a little more colourful.

©©Dr.Prasana Kumar Dalai @India.

She longs to embrace him and speaks…


Every love song in my heart sings to you
My every dream at night leaves me longing
for the gentle but strong embrace of your arms
You have stolen my soul and now you own it
Leave every part of your mundane life behind
and come to me as I reach out for your touch
I can’t find my breath when you pull me to your chest
Come join me inside my mind and warm my thoughts
As long as I can have your dreams I’ll always be home
Drink from the lips that quench your thirst
And I will spill the colors of my love over you.

June 25, 2023.

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