Collaboration #133

Collaboration #133 Written by:
Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai and Kristy Raines


We are made for each other
By the grace of Lord Krishna*
Only after dying for you
I learned to live a blissful life
Paths I step on to encounter you
Those hard times often follow me
I ‘ll recall our dreams and vows
Our meeting was a destiny
I grow and glow because of you
Roads many though, I ‘ve chosen yours
To walk hand in hand all the way .

©®Dr.Prasana Kumar Dalai @India
Date 27.06.2023

• God of Protection,Compassion, Tenderness and Love in Hindu mythology

She is thankful for him and responds…


I have shared many lives with you now
I recognize you at some point in every one of them
I see me reflexion when I look into your eyes
I never even have to speak to you because just
knowing you have a presense in my life is a comfort
I recognize you when I need you most and there is no doubt of the deep connection that we live over and over.
The things we could never explain are now revealed
and will always be protected. There is no final death
between us, for we will meet again like we always have
We meet at a fork in the road in each life and
there is a deep felt void if I can not feel you with me
I have an inner peace knowing that we will continue to
walk hand and hand, and that you chose to walk with
me into the next life until we reach our final journey..

June 27, 2023

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