Collaboration #139

Collaboration #139 between Dr Prasana Kumar Dalai India & Kristy Raines United States of America.


The way life has turned away
I had never thought about that
I can’t believe what has happened
That painful episode of my life
I have given my heart and soul
I never betray you ; I don’t know
Why I fail to understand your value
I won’t let your eyes shed tears
However thorny the path may be
I am ready to walk on them for you.

©®Dr.Prasana Kumar Dalai@India.

She understands him more than anyone and responds…


Because of the painful episodes in your life
you never gave much thought for a reason
You would have to relive them again if you did
You have never betrayed me
Yet you also never understood my value
I am the other half of your life
The half that has arms to hold you
a heart that never quits beating for you
and a love that holds you above all else
We can walk forward now, even when painful
For you now truly know how to love me
I am glad I never gave up on you…

July 10, 2023

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