Collaboration #149

Collaboration #149 By:
Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai India and Kristy Raines United States of America.


My heart has nurtured it secretly
The earth and the sky look anew
The bizarre breeze spreads its wings
I heard about the sky untouched
Your heart in this world is unseen
A rogue one day came to snatch us
Ere the love bud took its full shape
From clouds I heard the story untold
A spring goes to woe turbulent sea
My crazy heart does crave for you.

©®Dr.Prasana Kumar Dalai @ India
She answers him lovingly…


You have always held my heart gently
And every day with you is anew
My untouched heart was touched by you
like the wings of a beautiful breeze
And the world sees the changes made
by one who has been so true
Someone tried to steal our love
like a rogue sneaking around in the dark
But our love has taken it’s full shape
and can only belong to your heart
The clouds spread our story across the sky
like a spring that flows into the turbulent sea
No rogue in the night could ever steal our love
The one who craves my love is enough for me.

July 26, 2023

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