Collaboration #150

Collaboration #150 By Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai India
and Kristy Raines United States of America.


You call it love and they cruelty
It has kept on happening in my life
Then others will blame it
For the sale of my love today
I ‘ll go to you and confess myself
But be patient enough to listen to
What I have to say from heart’s core
With thousand shades of love
Mischievous pride may be revealed
At every word you utter in silence
I wonder why the world interferes
When the love birds go so crazy .

©®Dr.Prasana Kumar Dalai@India.

She finally speaks her mind…


My Darling…
I will always sit and listen to your thoughts
But what is your perception of love?
Is it a feeling of sheer happiness
or perhaps it is a gentle touch or a kiss?
The only cruelty of love is keeping it hidden
If you love me, show me, don’t keep me
guessing how you feel… If you must.. Whisper
It is frightening to be so vulnerable and easier
to keep things in, without taking chances in life
How can you ever know how wonderful it could be
unless you boldly say the words that will set you free?
Don’t let your mischievous pride get in the way
To hell what the world thinks.. Look me in the eyes
and let’s for once let the Love Birds get crazy.. ©

July 28, 2023

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