Collaboration #154

Collaboration #154, Presented by Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai India
and Kristy Ann Raines United States of America.


My emotions flow through tears
My life for you turns into worship
My heart and soul surround you
Tales of my heart now done by eyes
I ‘ll not take single breath minus you
I ‘ll born and die with you
My desire for you reaches such an extent
I ‘ll snatch you away from the world
I ‘ll born and die with you
I ‘ve stated loving and living in you .

©®Dr Prasana Kumar Dalai@India

Tears for him fill her eyes before she speaks…


I always know when you are thinking of me
or when emotions fall like rain from your eyes
It is a feeling of an invisible blanket covering me
Your eyes show every story you have ever lived
Times apart are lonely, even for a little while
It tells me that we could not survive long alone
A desire overwhelms me with your slightest touch
and I need nothing more than you in my arms
I never understood the meaning of the phrase
“living and dying for someone”, until lately
And I too now experience those deep emotions
of loving and living in you.

August 8, 2023

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