Collaboration #155

Collaboration # 155 Presented by Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai India and Kristy Ann Raines United States of America 💖


My heart belongs to you
I must go where you may lead
If love is red I am colour blind
I may not see the things
That you might see
And I may do just what I should do
I am looking through the eyes of love
And can see so much
The other eyes don’t find
Still the sparkle in your eyes
Makes me realize one and all..

©® Dr.Prasana Kumar Dalai@ India

She sees the changes and speaks…


My heart will always belong to you
Wherever you walk, let me walk beside you
You could never see through my eyes .. But
I now see changes in you that weren’t there before
I will always let you do things your way
But now I see more compassion and more empathy
You are seeing so much more through eyes of love
They now sparkle when I catch you smiling
And if I have helped you see some of these things
know that I was sent to you for that very purpose
You have shown me many things too…. <3

August 11, 2023

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