Epistolary Poem #179 By Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai of India and Kristy Raines of The United States of America


One evening on the road of dreams
Fetching my lost memories I walked
After covering a distance very long
When I reached a deserted place
I saw her sitting by herself in a corner
Silently lighting divine evening lamp
Quite angelic with a sweet fragrance
She looked at me with thoughtful eyes
Like she knew me million years before
I felt as if she were a familiar face
Unluckily I just skipped her name
As the flame of the lamp still burning
Something illuminated my mind instantly
A strange excitement filled my being.

©® Dr.Prasana Kumar Dalai.@India.
Date.Sunday,24 Dec 2023.

She has known him all of her life…


One night many years ago, I dreamt of you
But, I did not know your name
You would appear in my dreams now and then
I one day met someone whose words were familiar
though I had never met him before
Then I remembered the face in my dream..
Your shadow brought back a life I lived in another time
How could I know you without ever speaking to you;
never looking in your eyes, or touching your hand?
I met you in a dream, quietly lighting a lamp in a corner
Your presence made me smile and I recognized you
For the first time, I knew who you were… I loved You
We have shared many lives together and I suddenly
felt the same excitement that you share with me now.

Yes… One night, many years ago, we met and continue to, over and over again… <3

December 24, 2023

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