Epistolary Poem #185 by Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai of India

and Kristy Raines of The United states of America




In that glittering touch of my dreams

Something new rises in my heart

Perhaps a smiling bud that giggles

In the deep and dark forest of my mind .

My new poetry sings and vanishes

Behind innumerable hopeless hopes

Someone should tell me in a dialect

My river of love flows in a new rhythm

And the sea of joy maddened in waves

I find not what new hue of her form

Can draw my image eternally lavish ;

Why is she acting all secretive today ?


©®Dr Prasana Kumar Dalai@ India.

Date.Tuesday,06 Feb 2024..


She has waited for this moment and now speaks…




I always want to be the blooming flower of

the glittering touch within your dreams

Like an illuminating fairy that enters the forest of your thoughts

Do not be bothered by the poems that now vanish

because beautiful thoughts of hope have now replaced

your hopeless hopes of sadness which used to plague you

Your river of love now flows in rhythm with mine

as joyous waves become like a fierce storm of passion between us

The hue of my form is like the blood that pumps through my veins

which I now use to write our eternal story of love.

The secretive story of two lovers forever tied together by fate.



February 6, 2024

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