Collaboration #188 By Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai of India and Kristy Raines of The United States of America


A chasm does open up as all roads fail
Why any cure now for a broken heart
Happiness always far-fetched for me
May you be blessed with it as you go
I pray fervently you do prosper in life
May your hopes and dreams come true
May you be free from my nothingness
I ‘ve closed all my roads to come to you
Never mind,simply ignore and walk away
Be progressive and productive all way.

©®Dr Prasana Kumar Dalai@India.
Date.19, Monday 2024.

She always wondered if he would utter these
words to her one day
Now, she speaks her truth to him…


I am the chasm that opens to clear the road
to where you will find comfort for your heart
Happiness has always been in front of you
but you insist on looking beyond me for more
My blessings have always been with you
standing right next to me
Is prosperity just found in glory for you?
My riches have come from our love
You can never be free from me in this life
for it is still us, as it was from the beginning
You do not have the power to close that road
It is the road that we both still walk together
It will never be me who walks away
May success never be the reason you forget me.

February 19, 2024

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