Epistolary poem #189
By Dr. Prasana Kumar of India and Kristy Raines of The United States of American


While walking alone I saw you other day
It rained and you got lost somewhere
Like a dream you passed away from me
Just in a moment you entered my life
Your pain did break my heart instantly
I clearly remember your wet face then
I smell the rain drops down the memory
I feel you’re with me same as before
I’m crazy thinking about none but you
Someone’s evil eye obstructed my love
My lips were silent, yet heart cried a lot
I could say nothing for you aren’t mine.

©®Dr.Prasana Kumar Dalai @India.
Date.Mon.26 Feb 2024.

She cries as she writes these words to him…


I thought of you the other day while walking
as the rain poured down on my crying face
I remembered a time less painful for us
when we walked together everywhere in life
Now like a dream our lives briefly touch
I know you are always with me in thought
which barely is enough to get me through
This change has been very hard on my heart
and I too have cried too many tears in silence
I have kept hushed as I watch you from afar
Let the rain hold our memories of each other
for what is there left to say to you now?

Nothing… For you are also not mine

February 26, 2024

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