COLLABORATION #196 Between Dr Prasana Kumar Dalai India.Kristy Raines U S A

Epistolary poem #196
Written and Presented by Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai of India and
Kristy Raines of The United States of America


The pain and anguish won’t be lost
But I ‘ll be yours all the days ahead
I ‘ve scattered myself around you
Love has bloomed in your fragrance
I accept it whatever be consequences
I belong to you and I do live in yours
I care not if the world stands against
Call me faithless and I won’t mind ever
I see my heaven burnt ere even built
Now where ‘ll this affliction of love reside
I crave for you no matter what you’re .

©®Dr Prasana Kumar Dalai @, India.
Date.Mon 22 Apr 2024.

She will always take her chances with him…


Though painful moments still remain
I will always be yours until time stops
You have made a nest in every part of my life
and unshakeable love for you grew stronger
I’ll stand strong beside you regardless
of whatever comes against us in this world
You belong to me, and I to you no matter the cost
Faithless is something we will never be
for our heaven abides in the love that we share
I may not be the one you would have chosen in the past
but I am the one who denies you nothing
and the one who loves you in every circumstance
Never will I ever crave anyone elses touch but yours
as your heart fits perfectly, like a glove, in mine

April 22, 2024

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