Collaboration #201

Epistolary poem #201 By DrPrasana Kumar Dalai of India and Kristy Raines of The United States of America


As a humming bee brings smile to bunch of white lilies
Why don’t you beam in the huge garden of my heart
The spring from heaven drops with dream with your charm
Near the horizon where the clouds drift away out of sight
The way we used to soar in the deep blue sky
Why don’t you glide in my dream with your charm
The glittering moon shines in the dark night
But you are not shining this gloomy day in my life
I am like a lonely bird without companion
Come down to the desolation of my barren earth.

©®Dr Prasana Kumar Dalai @India.
Date.Tue,21 May 2024.

She responds to the one who holds her heart…


As the open petals of the white lily awaits the bee
to gather the pollen from her laden core
I’ll search the garden of your heart spreading my fragrance
so you may find me and steal my charms
When you can not feel the heat of my love for you
the springs of heaven will flood your dreams
as you slumber under the glittering stars and moon lit sky
Dreams that will warm you on a cold dark night
And like a love bird yearning for her mate
I will find you and fill your barren heart
with the passion that blooms beautifully between us.

©®Kristy Raines@USA
May 21,2024

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