Collaboration #62

Here we present our beautiful collaboration on rain…
Let’s all enjoy our 62nd collaborative effort
DrMaheswar Das
Sudipta Mishra


Oh rain, you are the sweetest song.
Come down to this parched earth with your rhythmic dance and song.
To alleviate the pain of hot summer days.
And adorn this lovely place with fruits and flowers of bright rays.

Come with your silver drops that heal.
And fill the hearts of all with thrills.
Oh rain, come with your strong wind.
Come with your dark ferocious clouds wandering by the wind.

Come with your formidable thunder roar.
Come with your spark of lightning soar.
Come to enrich this lovely earth with greenery.
Come to adorn this place with beautiful scenery.

All creatures are enjoying your sweet silver drops of joy.
The hills, meadows, dale, and fields smile with flowers of joy.
Everywhere there is enchantment and jubilation after a long summer of pain.
Floating clouds are wandering in the sky for a monsoon gain.

The hilltops covered with clouds look white.
It brings a hilarious note to watch the sight.
The earth sings the songs of joy and glory of heaven.
There are songs everywhere and laughter of rain.

The earth is joyful with your sweet rhythmic harmony.
All are happy with your sweet symphony
All the creatures trees and creepers are eager to get your cool wet touch.
Drench all with your sweet blessings so much.

Dr Maheswar Das
India, Copyright @

I love the rain that cleanses my pain
I love the rhythm that creates a harmony
My tattered soul wanders in the lonely lane
I wait for the whole year to tune the symphony

I wish you were with me
Every time I sip a cup of tea
I loathe thy memories
Dried roads wet like my eyes!

With the humming of showers
My parched soul loves the pitter-patter
I don’t know how to set my passion
The thunder knows the beats of my emotions
The flashing light captures my forlorn desires
As I walk in the wild rain with soaked feelings
Raindrops fall on my loose hair
In the rainy desolate evenings
Beaten by the unruly waves of Summer
I still wait for thee while drenching in the rainfall!
Sudipta Mishra

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