Collaboration no#118

Collaboration #118 By DrPrasana Kumar of india and Kristy Raines of
The United States of America


Sans you my life crawls to despair
Eyes search you all day and night
As this selfish world crashes on me
My dreams are scattered into pieces
Yours appears in the west horizon
Can’t stay alone with the twilight of time
Heart can’t bear pain of your parting
Wish you were here with me at this crisis
Eyes drench with your words and thoughts
The whole world is with your sightings
But you are unable to see me only.

©®Dr.Prasana Kumar Dalai@India.

It is time for her to speak up…


Come to me in your darkness and your deep despair
My arms can’t hold a promise close to my chest
Your’s can only satisfy this soul that craves your touch
But as I look to the East, I see no eyes coming towards me
I search for a sign that you want to spend forever with me
Don’t leave me alone any longer; my arms are open wide
I’ve never made demands, but now is the time to speak
Days are getting short, and in our twilight, I want a life with you
The world can’t hold my gaze like your eyes looking into mine
and my body waits for your warm embrace, so now I think it’s time

I will only ask you once…”Do you love me?” Time is ticking away…

May 31,2023.

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