EPISTOLARY COLLABORATION NO 202 BETWEEN Dr Prasana Kumar Dalai India & Kristy Raines U S A.

Epistolary Poem #202 Presented by Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai of India
and Kristy Raines of The United States of America


At times I think of my uneventful life
Just a garland of thorns sans peace
What I have found is the dust of grief
When I did desire for the cold touch
Out of nothing only cold sigh in my lot
Sorrows made my heart more sombre
You left leaving a couple of moments
None has time to hold my numb hands
Even my shadow is very often apathetic
This is my life and why should I be afraid
Of sorrow for it’s mine, my companion.

©®Dr Prasana Kumar Dalai @India.
Date. Mon, 27 May 2024.

She remembers when their lives changed…


Through a time of unrest and grief in our lives
we discovered each other amongst the rubble
of our lost dreams and broken hearts
At first we kept each other at arms length
for neither were able to give of ourselves
Life had robbed us both of any intimacy
and we both had grown cold to any affection
After a time, we filled our hearts with each other
as you carefully took my hand in yours
Together, we fought the darkness inside us
and found in each other a life of light and love
Sorrow is no longer your companion, my love
I took it’s place and became yours instead.

Date. 27 May 2024.

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