Epistolary Poem #207 between Dr Prasana Kumar Dalai & Kristy Raines United States of America.

Epistolary poem #207 By Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai of India and Kristy Raines of The United States of America


After separating me from my dreams
I scarcely know where God hid Himself
How to live as I’m missing from myself
Even my dear soul is separated from me
Search me on paths without destination
Heart & heartbeats ‘re at various places
Breathing though,my fate slips like sand
Can’t make a new tale sans ink of grief
Drops of my tear keep flowing nonstop
The verdict of God can’t be challenged .

©®Dr Prasana Kumar Dalai@India.
Date. Sun, 30 June 2024.

She understands that we all get lost at times
and speaks from her heart…


In your heart, you know God does not hide
We hide from Him when we put him behind us
You were never to lose yourself in this life
You were meant to live in spite of it
Your dreams remain, and so do I
I hold tight to your heart for I also share it
I will not let go, no matter where it strays
Leave it in beautiful places, where it belongs
When you put Him before yourself
He will change your heart and your vision
and your tears will turn to diamonds
Tales of grief will return into tales of joy
He will restore your soul to the color of pearls
and your path will be clear before you

And He loves you more than I… <3


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