Sometimes, family can be so difficult. Although you deeply love them, you are aware that this love is unhealthy for you. Even while you are aware of their capacity to harm and destroy you, you still find yourself falling in love with them.

You will continually pick up the broken pieces in this dynamic that you share, where you are aware that your family isn’t ideal, and you won’t know what to do with them. Sometimes, family can be so difficult. Because you always struggle with wanting to be independent but then needing to rely on them out of habit.

And to achieve this, you’ll do all in your power move out, enrol in school, cease making calls, etc.

Limit your family gatherings, limit your phone calls, and even relocate if necessary to achieve your goal of independence. But for whatever reason, nothingness will come next. the enormous hole. You are plagued by the missing puzzle piece like a bad dream.

No matter how far you travel, you will still feel the need to check in on them and see how they are doing, as well as the anxiety of missing out on events and milestone celebrations.

Sometimes, family can be so difficult. You realise that you must stop looking for their approval because you are aware of the necessity to unlearn all the harmful tendencies you have carried with you.

However, each time anything positive occurs in your life, each time you achieve a goal,They are the first individuals you want to inform about a new achievement. Family can be really challenging because you rarely hear “Well done” or “I’m proud of you” most of the time.

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