Hinduism (Story)

Hinduism is the religion of Hindus.The rishis and munis of india are founder of this religion.
vedas and Gita are the sacreed books of Hindus which is a true guide for all humain beings.
Hinduism says “Be good ,Do good, fix your mind on the God, Be devoted to God and you shall attain to the God.
Do your duty God and man. Be pure, Be simple,
worship god.surrender to him.Hate not any one,
All creatures are forms of god.speak truth, Do not injury and living being in thought word or deed.

shri Bhagaban said -Be hold notonly one but hundreds and thousands of my multyfarious divine forms.

ther are forur vedas.there are 18 purans.sage Byasa composed the 18 puranas and the Ramayan and Mahabharat.He also edited the bedas.
Mahabharat is the known as the sishu Beda.it is the 5th bedas of indian culture.

A hindu worships God Ram,krishn,Radha
and also 33 devatas in

Hindu always salute lord Krishna ,the teacher of the world ,the son of Basudev,the destroyer of evil devils of this world,the supreme bliss of Debaki.


Dr. Jagannath Das

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