Thank God

Birthday is the beginning of a new life journey
As it is the end of a previous life journey
Between the beginning and the end
Our lives that are memories of our actions after we are gone
Through them, the others will remember us as good or bad
On this day many years ago, the day I was born
I don’t know if I should be happy
Or I should be sad that another year of my life is gone and I am getting older and older
I’m on the edge of my grave
But despite the suffering and the very difficult circumstances I lived through
I have never changed, and I have never done anything wrong
People will never remember me badly
And my legacy that will remain after me
My poems in which I expressed my good principles and my dreams for a better future for humanity
Perhaps my poetry will inspire others to live in love, peace, no racism, happiness, justice and equality
So I will say on my birthday
Thank God for what I am
Praise be to God, whom gave me patience so that I would not be change to a bad person
Praise be to God, whom inspired me what I wrote to be a good inspiration for man
Thank God I didn’t do what would make me ashamed over time
Thank God for everything

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Monday 19/7/2021

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