Sisters, always try to marry a poet,
He has enough time to treat you as his baby and pet,
Although he has got married to his paper and pen,
For you he has an ocean of love like a swan

In the heart of a poet, love blooms anew,
In novels, in dramas, his passion shines through.
Like Romeo and Juliet, his love knows no bounds,
In the pages he writes, eternal love resounds.

From the tragedies of Shakespeare to Austen’s romance,
His love stories flourish, in every glance.
In the poetry of Keats and the verses of Frost,
His love finds expression, never to be lost.

Through the eyes of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy’s plight,
His love story unfolds, in the darkness and light.
In the tragedies of Hamlet, in the comedy of Lear,
His love conquers all, through joy and through fear.

His love is like Heathcliff’s, wild and untamed,
In Wuthering Heights, forever acclaimed.
In the beauty of Wordsworth’s nature-filled verse,
His love blossoms eternal, a blessing to nurse.

So marry a poet, with his heart pure and true,
His love, like a sonnet, forever anew.
In the classics he cherishes, in the tales he loves to impart,
You’ll always find solace and love, in his poetic heart.

Dr. Bhanja Kishor Rana@India
Copy Rights Reserved

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