Medley of life

Life, the longest race of relay,
Where patience and perseverance do pay,
And the impactful people reserve their stay,
Rest all lose their prey.

Don’t victimise yourself at the cost of truthfulness,
When the so called “being human” attitude of others, tends to move towards Guinness,
Irrespective of their acts that never relate to their actions of finesse,
Protect your four chambered muscle man to attain fitness.

Hold those tears of worry and laugh out loud,
Stand apart, look front and face the crowd,
Though not in a good mental state, project the sweet melon attitude not of the bitter gourd.
Welcome the spears from your back, use to prick your nose, and be bold.

Wounds will heal in the passage of time,
Life is all about addition of hearts that rhyme,
Don’t be a monoactor in that fabulous mime,
Pull in what you need, push the rest, elongate the lips to answer, to the questions that sound prime.
©️Sreekala P Vijayan

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