MY FREE VERSE REVIEWED BY EMINENT REVIEWER Dr Bhanja Kishor Rana.Humbled and Honoured


I hear sweet sounds of your anklets
You dazzle like a diamond necklace
Hanging around me in my heart
As you are lost all the time for me
The breeze brings your fragrance
And I do heartily inhale the same.

©®Dr.Prasana Kumar Dalai @ India.
Date.Thu,02 May 2024.
Dr.Prasana Kumar Dalai.: Dr Dalai’s masterpiece FREE VERSE composed of simple yet evocative imagery, delves into the speaker’s profound emotions and longing for someone special.

The poem begins with the word “Sometime,” indicating that these feelings are experienced intermittently or in fleeting moments. This sets the tone for a contemplative and reflective piece of writing.

“I hear sweet sounds of your anklets” conjures the auditory sensation of delicate adornments, suggesting the presence of the beloved. Anklets are often associated with femininity, grace, and allure, implying that the person being addressed possesses these qualities.

“You dazzle like a diamond necklace” employs simile to liken the beloved’s radiance to that of a precious jewel. This comparison enhances the imagery of beauty and elegance, reinforcing the idea of the person’s captivating presence.

The phrase “Hanging around me in my heart” carries a dual meaning. It suggests both the physical proximity of the beloved, as if they are enveloping the speaker, and the emotional connection felt deeply within the heart. This metaphorical expression emphasizes the intimate nature of the relationship.

The line “As you are lost all the time for me” introduces a note of melancholy or longing. The word “lost” implies that the person being addressed is absent or unreachable, heightening the speaker’s yearning for their presence. This sentiment of longing adds depth to the poem, revealing the speaker’s emotional vulnerability.

“The breeze brings your fragrance” introduces the sense of smell into the sensory experience described in the poem. Fragrance is often associated with memory and nostalgia, suggesting that the presence of the beloved is evoked by familiar scents. This sensory detail enhances the immersive nature of the poem, allowing readers to imagine the scene more vividly.

“And I do heartily inhale the same” concludes the poem with an intimate gesture of connection. The act of inhaling deeply suggests a desire to fully immerse oneself in the presence of the beloved, savoring every moment. The adverb “heartily” conveys sincerity and depth of feeling, underscoring the genuine affection and longing expressed throughout the poem.

Overall, this free verse employs simple yet powerful imagery and language to evoke a sense of longing, admiration, and emotional connection. Through the use of sensory details and evocative language, the poem invites readers to experience the speaker’s profound emotions and yearning for the beloved.

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