My odia poem ସ୍ବପ୍ନ ର ଶବ୍ଦ! reviewed by eminent reviewer Dr Bhanja Kishor Rsna. HUmbled & Honoured.

ସ୍ବପ୍ନ ର ଶବ୍ଦ!

ମୁଁ ଏକ ନିର୍ଜନତା
ଗୋଧୂଳି ରେ ଏକୁଟିଆ
ଅମାନିଆ କସ୍ତୁରୀ ର ବାସ୍ନା ବିଚଳିତ କରେ ମନ କୁ
ତଥାପି କେତେ ରାତି ଚେଇଁ ରହିବାର
ପୁରୁଣା ନିଶା
ବହୂ ଦୂରରୁ ଦିଗବଳୟ ରେ
ତୁମର ଉଙ୍କି ମାରି ଚାହିଁବା
ବେଳେବେଳେ ସନ୍ଧ୍ୟାରେ
ମହମ ବତୀ ର ଆଲୋକ ରେ ନିଜକୁ ଦେଖିବା ର ଛବି
ମୋ ଜୀବନ ରେ କେବଳ ଦୁଃଖ ଓ ଯନ୍ତ୍ରଣା
ଆଉ ତୁମ ହସ ର ଗୁଂଜରଣ
ନୀଳ ଆକାଶ ତଳେ ଦୂର ସହର ଟି
ଚାରିଆଡେ ଚଳ ଚଞ୍ଚଳ
ଆଉ ମୁଁ ଖାଲି ସ୍ବପ୍ନ ଗୁଡାକୁ ସଜାଡୁଛି
ପାଉଁଶ ତଳୁ ନିତି ଜିଉଁଛି |

ଡ଼କ୍ଟର ପ୍ରସନ୍ନ କୁମାର ଦଳାଇ

Dr.Prasana Kumar Dalai.: Dr. Prasnna Kumar’s masterpiece,”The Sound of a Dream” endeavors to encapsulate the essence of solitude amid a backdrop of twilight, yet it stumbles in its pursuit of profundity, succumbing to a labyrinthine convolution of linguistic ornamentation and a paucity of genuine emotional resonance. While ostensibly striving for evocative imagery, the verse flounders in its attempt to articulate a coherent thematic trajectory, instead meandering through a thicket of abstract symbolism and contrived sentimentality. The invocation of Amania musk, while ostensibly aiming to evoke olfactory sensation, comes across as contrived and disconnected from the overarching thematic fabric. Moreover, the recurring motif of addiction, though ostensibly intended to imbue the narrative with a sense of existential ennui, fails to coalesce into a cogent exploration of human frailty, instead languishing in a morass of cliché and superficiality.

The poem’s attempts at introspection and self-examination are similarly hampered by a dearth of subtlety and nuance, as the speaker’s purported reflections on sorrow and longing are obscured by a veil of melodrama and trite sentimentality. The juxtaposition of personal anguish with the ephemeral laughter of distant companions rings hollow, lacking the requisite emotional depth to resonate with the reader on a profound level. Moreover, the poem’s portrayal of urban landscapes and celestial vistas feels cursory and perfunctory, devoid of the vividness and authenticity necessary to transport the reader into the inner world of the speaker.

“The Sound of a Dream” aspires to transcend the mundane and articulate the ineffable mysteries of the human condition, its execution ultimately falls short of this lofty ambition. Hindered by a surfeit of verbosity and a deficiency of genuine emotional insight, the poem languishes in the realm of the trite and superficial, failing to leave a lasting impression upon the discerning reader.

Really, the magnum opus replete with ineffable elegance, ensnares the soul, leaving an enduring imprint of literary brilliance.

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