My poem ” INK OF GRIEF” reviewed by eminent reviewer Prof. Dr Nirakar Dash. Humbled & Honoured

My poem “INK OF GRIEF ” reviewed by eminent reviewer Prof. DrNirakar Dash Department of English Assam university.
Humbled & Honoured.


After separating me from my dreams
I scarcely know where God hid Himself
How to live as I’m missing from myself
Even my dear soul is separated from me
Search me on paths without destination
Heart & heartbeats ‘re at various places
Breathing though,my fate slips like sand
Can’t make a new tale sans ink of grief
Drops of my tear keep flowing nonstop
The verdict of God can’t be challenged .

©®Dr Prasana Kumar Dalai@India.
Date. Sun, 13 June 2024.

The poem “Ink of Grief” written by the famous poet Dr Prasanna Kumar Dalai, depicting his own anguish,is second to none.The first line,”I have separated myself from my dreams” suggests that the poet has tried and dreamt of success,but to no avail.Without any worthwhile accomplishment ,which has led him to despair,he has separated himself from his dreams as the Purusha in Shamkhya philosophy separates from Prakriti.His sulking line:”I scarcely know where God did hid Himself ” countervails Browing ‘s much quoted statement:”God is in his heaven/all is right with the world “Due to several setbacks, he feels that his survival is almost impossible.In the time of crisis,even his life partner deserted ,whom he is searching with least prospect of getting back.Everybody loves and makes love whereas his fate seems sealed.Opportunities slip from his grip like sands.The only way out is to write poems narrating his grief and accept the reality.An unputdownable poem with striking images like “heart”,”heart beat” and slipping sand.Congratulatins and regards.

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