Thank you so much honourable reviewer of Nigeria Clerick Omo Alfa for reviewing my poem, Humbled and Honoured.


These are the colours of my life
A bit of sweet but with tangy taste
Have different shades and shadows
Bad and good moments are alike
Think not if we will win or loose
Accepting what life has offered me
Whatever be the cost I have to pay
Leaving stubbornness to lead forward
Every moment is as delicate as mirror Me far away from money or pleasures
Your breath is linked with my breath
One may leave this world forever
But such relationships ‘ll never break.

©® Dr.Prasana Kumar Dalai@India.
Date.Thursday,14 Dec 2023.

Dear noble poet DrPrasana Kumar

Your poem titled “Shades and Shadows” delves into the various aspects of life, portraying its complexities through the use of colorful and poignant imagery. You excellently describe life as having both sweet and tangy moments, symbolizing the diverse experiences and emotions that one encounters. The idea of different shades and shadows signifies the multifaceted nature of life, with its moments of light and darkness, happiness and challenges.

The poem reflects on the inevitability of facing both bad and good moments, emphasizing the acceptance of life’s offerings, regardless of the outcomes. It encourages a mindset of resilience and adaptability, urging the reader to embrace life’s challenges and blessings with equanimity.

The line “Leaving stubbornness to lead forward” suggests a willingness to let go of rigidity and embrace progress, highlighting the importance of flexibility and openness in navigating life’s journey. Furthermore, the comparison of every moment to a delicate mirror emphasizes the fragility and preciousness of life, urging the reader to cherish and handle each moment with care and mindfulness.

The poem also touches upon the enduring nature of relationships, transcending the materialistic pursuits of money and pleasures. The interconnectedness of breath symbolizes a deep and unbreakable bond that persists even beyond the physical realm, emphasizing the everlasting nature of true connections.

In summarisation, “Shades and Shadows” encapsulates the multifaceted essence of life, encouraging a balanced and accepting outlook towards its complexities while emphasizing the enduring nature of genuine relationships. The poem reveals the poet’s contemplation on life’s intricacies and the timeless significance of human connections.

Congratulations to you for writing this magnificent piece of writing.

© Clerick Omo Alfa

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