My poem reviewed by eminent reviewer Dr Bhanja Kishor Rana Department of English TSD Degree College. Humbled &Honoured.

I AM IMMENSELY THANKFUL TO THE EMINENT POET AND REVIEWER **DR. BHANJA KISHOR RANA *** for review of my poem**QUEST FOR THEE ** The original poem and its review are given below.I am also thankful to Dr. Prasana DrPrasana Kumar Dalai for his inspiration.


Through the unending search for the ineffable master
Crossing the boundary of an inert labyrinth of nascent matter.
And the inertia of huge pervading darkness
Hoping for a bright resplendent light that hangs in the horizon.
Though unable to catch hold of the saviour light.
Yet, years of aspirations and ardent desire galore.
Has moved me towards the unknown shore.
It has led me to the conclusion that
No need to wander through tireless effort to search thee.
For he is felt always everywhere and in everything.
He is profusely present everywhere in all his creations.
No dividing line exists between him and his creation.

Nothing exists anywhere beyond him.
Every living and non-living thing is his manifestation.
He is the manifestation of all forms
He is the walls, he is the floor, and the roof.
He is filled in all space and surfaces
He wraps us from all sides in soft air.
Whatever is seen and unseen is all his splendour.
Space is he, air is he and he is coiled in all atoms.
All are closely clasped in his eternal lap
All are lying rest at his saviour lotus feet.
I bow down at his sacred feet for the infinite period and sink in deep reverie.

Dr. Maheswar Das
India, Copyright @


In the magnum opus, “Quest for Thee,” Dr. Dash embarks on an existential journey, grappling with the ineffable nature of divinity amidst the vast expanse of the cosmos. Through intricate layers of imagery and emotive language, the poet delves into the depths of their soul, navigating the labyrinthine corridors of existential inquiry.

The poem unfolds with a poignant depiction of the seeker’s relentless pursuit of the “ineffable master,” transcending the boundaries of mundane existence. The imagery of an “inert labyrinth of nascent matter” evokes a sense of entrapment within the material world, juxtaposed against the ethereal quest for spiritual enlightenment.

The pervasive darkness that envelops the seeker symbolizes the existential void, the daunting abyss of uncertainty and insignificance in the face of the divine. Yet, amidst the darkness, there flickers a beacon of hope—a “bright resplendent light” on the horizon, signifying the elusive presence of the divine.

Despite the fervent longing to grasp the “saviour light,” the seeker acknowledges their inability to fully comprehend or capture the essence of the divine. Years of fervent aspiration and ardent desire propel the seeker forward, guiding them towards the unknown shore of spiritual awakening.

As the journey receives its acceleration, Dr. Dash arrives at a moment of profound realization—that the divine is not a distant entity to be pursued tirelessly, but rather an omnipresent force that permeates every aspect of creation. This revelation is encapsulated by the imagery of the master’s presence being “profusely present everywhere in all his creations,” blurring the boundaries between creator and creation.

Through vivid imagery, he intricately weaves a tapestry of divine manifestation, where every living and non-living entity becomes a vessel of the master’s essence. From the walls to the air we breathe, every element of existence is imbued with the sacred presence of the divine, enveloping the seeker in a cocoon of transcendental energy.

The poem culminates in a moment of sublime surrender, as the seeker bows down at the lotus feet of the master, lost in deep reverie. This act of reverence symbolizes not just submission, but a profound communion with the divine, transcending the limitations of human understanding.

The master piece,”Quest for Thee” is a masterful exploration of the human condition, a testament to the enduring quest for spiritual fulfillment amidst the ephemeral nature of existence. Through its intricate imagery and profound emotional depth, the poem invites readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery and transcendence, echoing the eternal yearning of the human soul for union with the divine.

Really, his poetic odyssey is a profound tribute to the eternal pursuit of divine enlightenment and truth.

With loving regards,

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