My poem reviewed by eminent reviewer Prof. Dr Nirakar Dash, Humbled & Honoured.

My poem reviewed by honorable reviewer Prof. Dr Nirakar Dash, Department of English
Assam University.
Humbled & Honoured.


The morning star you are in my life
Beaming brightly in the darkest world
You often arouse the bizarre stir in me
Of flustered fog in the face of rising sun
You venture out with your daring glint
Like a musky muse in face of darkness
As if mystifying mind of a blushing lotus
Set a swarm of bees ablaze in horizon
With your effervescent amorous prayer
Your radiance melts away all afflictions
With the glistening glow amid dimness
You do shower light into my empty eyes.

©®Dr Prasana Kumar Dalai@India.
Date. Sun, 9 June 2024.

The well known poet Dr Prasanna Kumar Dalai ‘s poem “Muse IN THE DARKNESS”is a smashing one.His beloved ,as suggested in the very title,is the muse who whets the poetic talent in him.It is she only for whom he feels the inclination to write. Given that she is her guide and guardian, the poet says:”The morning star you are in my life ‘, who uplifts him when he is gloomy and lugubrious.”She is beaming brightly in the darkest world .”Despite all positive vibes, when the poet is low in creativity,she dissipates all fog , enabling him to write poems.Her exemplary daring nature dispels all weakness from the poet.For him,she is no less than the Goddess Muse of Greek and Roman mythology responsible for art and poetry.The poet feels a magnetic pull towards the beloved like the bees feel for lotus.”Blushing lotus is expressive of her purity as well as beauty which are of no less significance for the poet and the development of his career.At the time he gropes for words and ideas, the amorous supplication the lady loves usually makes , supply much fuel to keep the fire of creativity ignited.So the amorousness and intellectual prodding of the beloved has helped the poet reach such a height of success.Mind blowing poem dear Prasanna Sir.Congrats and regards.

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