My poem reviewed by eminent reviewer Prof. Dr Nirakar Dash. Of Department of English Assam University.

My Poem reviewed by eminent reviewer prof. Dr Nirakar Dash.
Humbled & Honoured.


I ‘ll give away my life , even lose all my wins
Whatever be the cost, you’re my everything
Beyond all my limits and boundaries
Now I’m broken after giving everything
I’m no one ; you ‘ve become my destination
Great things God has given without asking
Otherwise atheists like me won’t get God
My desires ‘ve met you as you became my prayer.

©®Dr Prasana Kumar Dalai @India.

Date. Mon, 03 june 2024.

The poem “You Became My Prayer” is a distinctive one by Dr Prasanna Kumar Dalai, the illustrious poet of Being very much devoted to his beloved he has developed a strong non attachment towards his material possessions So his love is a kind of spiritual askesis in which all sorts of material clinging are shun in order that one can attain to God.Due to the lover’s non-attachment of the highest degree,he is quite reduced to a zero -completely egoless.The poet, in a state of saturated dispassion,says”Now I am broken after giving everything/I am none” He has been an atheist all along, but despite that, has got everything without asking.Neverthelrss, as transpires in the poem, all worldly enjoyments are vain.The only fulfillment being God realisation, he grows indifferent to the world and turns towards his woman -his God.She is the only source of bliss and fulfillment. Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. Similarly the poet,an atheist in the past,has turned a theist now; his of worship and prayer is his woman.As in petrarchan tradition women were treated as flawless objects to be worshipped rather than human beings, the poet here deifies his woman as God.Sprctacular poem Dr Prasanna Sir.Congrstulations and regards.

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