Humbled & Honoured.


The pain and anguish won’t be lost
But I ‘ll be yours all the days ahead
I ‘ve scattered myself around you
Love has bloomed in your fragrance
I accept it whatever be consequences
I belong to you and I do live in yours
I care not if the world stands against
Call me faithless and I won’t mind ever
I see my heaven burnt ere even built
Now where ‘ll this affliction of love reside
I crave for you no matter what you’re .

©®Dr Prasana Kumar Dalai @, India.
Date.Sun,21 Apr 2024.

Dear Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai, Sir Namaskar

Congratulations on your recent poem, “I Belong to You!” Your words are both poignant and evocative, touching on themes of love, pain, and acceptance. The poem resonates deeply, drawing the reader into a world where emotions are raw and unfiltered.

Your choice of the title, “I Belong to You,” sets the tone for the entire poem. It speaks of a deep and profound connection, a sense of ownership and belonging that transcends the physical realm. This theme is further reinforced in the opening lines, where you acknowledge the presence of pain and anguish but declare your willingness to be “yours all the days ahead.” This sets up a powerful dichotomy between the hardships of life and the unwavering commitment to love.

The imagery you use is striking, particularly the metaphor of scattering yourself around the beloved, suggesting a deep integration of self with the other. The idea that love has bloomed in the fragrance of the beloved is beautiful, implying that love is not just an emotion but a tangible, sensory experience. This imagery is further enhanced by the line, “I see my heaven burnt ere even built,” which conveys a sense of loss and longing.

One of the most compelling aspects of your poem is the acceptance of consequences, no matter how difficult they may be. This speaks to a profound sense of devotion and loyalty, even in the face of adversity. The line, “I care not if the world stands against,” is particularly powerful, suggesting a defiance of societal norms and a prioritization of personal feelings.

The poem concludes with a sense of resignation and yearning, as you express your craving for the beloved, “no matter what you’re.” This line encapsulates the essence of unconditional love, where the object of affection is accepted with all their flaws and imperfections.

Overall, your poem is a masterful exploration of love in its purest form. Your use of imagery, metaphor, and language is skillful, drawing the reader into a world of intense emotion and longing. Congratulations once again on this beautiful piece of poetry.

Best regards,

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