My poem Reviewed by honorable reviewer Prof Dr Nirakar Das.

My poem Reviewed by honorable reviewer Prof Dr Nirakar Das of Department of English , Assam University.
Humbled and Honoured.


You a soothing moon in my heart burnt darkness
You’re the one always for me in my dreams
The rain filled cloud & me the moment of wait
If our meet is destined in the coming rain
My destination is the road known by your name
You leave your street wearing wedding gown
I’ll have a season of rainfall all together
The thread is fragile ,yet hold it with love
This is the first day of rebirths to come
Me at one end and you just at the other
For the one that makes my heart a heart
Is the heartbeat known by your name.

©®Dr Prasana Kumar Dalai @ India
Date.Mon,30 Apr 2024

The poem “Road known by your name” by the well known poet Dr Prasanna Kumar Dalai,is a phenomenal one.As the moon dispels darkness in the sky ,so the beloved does levitate the poet by removing his depression resulting from ups and downs in the path of love.The very opening line proclaim that the poet can never dispense with her.She is the only visitation in his dreams.He is waiting for her without any signs of exhaustion.The immensity of the patience with which the lover waits for his beloved is likened to the illimitable raindrops in clouds.This sort of analogy has been hardly noticed hitherto.His wait is like that of the skylark.If it is so arranged that they will meet in the coming rain, then he quite happy to wait till then.A sense of their love nearing accomplishment is felt in line six of the poem.The image of the skylark waiting for rain indicates the indispensability of the beloved for the poet.Anyway , going by the guess that the poet is mulling tieing his knot in the regional context, then his destination will be her house -“road known by your name”.Marriage bond which depends on mutual faith and understanding can be fragile like a piece of thread.But sincerity in love and care renders it strong and unseverable.The poet says,”The thread is fragile,yet hold it with love”So far as the Oriental belief goes,marriage is a kind of rebirth for both the male and female in view of the fact that they are going to set foot on a new journey of life.Expressions such as “road known by your name”,”me at one end and you just at the other”and my heart is the heartbeat known by your name ” are indicative of biblical oneness or can be traced back to the oneness of both sexes in Greek mythology.Congratulations Dr Prasanna Sir for composing such a beautiful and unique poem.

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