My poem Reviewed by honorable reviewer Prof Dr Nirakar Das.

MY Poem reviewed by honorable reviewer Prof Dr Nirakar Dash of Assam University
Department of English
Humbled and Honoured.


Nothing is now like it used be
Shades of life ‘ve already changed
Time and tear keep on rolling
Our love is no longer the same
Pains rule here without happiness
A pretty long road we walked together
Now you left me in the middle of road
Roads ‘re still here sans companion
Mere a solitary traveller I’m
No idea about the destination
Questions wrangle in my mind
Come, let’s walk down the same road
Where we met ,well known to us.

©®Dr.Prasana Kumar Dalai@India.
Date.Mon,22 Apr 2024.

Dr.Prasana Kumar Dalai.: Dr Prasanna Kumar Dalai ‘s poem “Mere a traveller” is a superb one seeking Love and companionship in the journey through life. The very title of the poem sounds a universal note.All human beings are travellers, who move from situation to situation, from place to place and person to person in order to achieve their goals. The poet ‘s present ,compared to his past, seems bleak.”Nothing is now like it used to be ” express his volition to reclaim the past . Sometimes poets,quite forgetful of the reality,entertain such impossible wishes. Perhaps the realisation dawns upon him that brooding over the past is quite futile when he trumpets in the well nigh proverbial third line,”Time and tear keep on rolling”The present pain is pitted against past happiness.She walked hand in hand with him.But instead of helping him reach his destination, she left him in the lurch midway. This is quite unexpected of her.His works have remained unaccomplished. Choices and roads are many,but no companion is forthcoming. Quite nonplussed as regards whom or what to choose,he says,”Questions wrangle in the mind”Without her, he has no destination -a rudderless ship.So, in the long run,he makes a last ditch request to her to come to accomplish their goal ,which is impossible single-handedly. The poem has no parallel because of its universal appeal sans any trace of physicality. Congratulations and regards Sir for such a moving poem.

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