MY POEM REVIEWED BY PROF Dr Nirakar Dash Sir , Humbled and Honoured.


Do tell me something of the moon
That glitters in the sky shading light
Oh Moon! Me the lover of your enigma
Today you look like a princess of oasis
Whose portrait gives spectacular spell
How throbbing would be in her touch
I feel like having her by me all my way
Bonding beyond births and deaths
If I earn some virtues in her company
Life ‘ll be filled with tremendous glory
You’re my end and the last destination
I can live and die for none but you.

©©Dr.Prasana Kumar Dalai @India.
Date.Monday,13 Nov 2023.

Reviewed by Prof Dr Nirakar Das , Department of English of Department of English.Asam University.

Dr.Prasana Kumar Dalai.: The poet being a level -headed lover,asks his beloved to speak of love in general and of her love in particular.The enigma weaving poet,as many poets usually are, is desirous of diving deep into the enigma of love and of his fiancee as well.Likening the love to a princess of oasis with breathtaking magical spell voch for the difficulty involved as regards her attanability.The physical ideation expressed by the word “throbbing”is corroborated by “bonding beyond birth and death”-here death standing for Renaissance orgasm.The concept of sexuality and value based love go side by side.The poem”Bonding Beyond Birth and Death” is a tremendous journey from sex to superconsciousness deserving wide acclaim.Congraculations and regards Dr Prasanna Sir for composing such a poem unpacking of which makes it a must read!

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