MY POEM REVIEWED BY PROF Dr Nirakar Dash.of Asam University Department of English.

MY POEM REVIEWED BY PROF Dr Nirakar Dash Of Asam University Department of English. Really grateful and Honoured.


Sometimes moonlight brings peace
And music of flute illusion in the world
Your fiery eyes reflect like a mirror
With all those scattered dreams
Now you bring only sorrow for me
Your closeness brings tear on my eyes
Now me just unknown soul to you
Spring brings me letters from clouds
Time heals the old painful memories
You’re nothing but impalpable dreams.

©®Dr.Prasana Kumar Dalai@India.
Date.Monday,06 Nov 2023.

Dr.Prasana Kumar Dalai.: The Poem “Nothing But Impalpable”by Dr Prasanna Kumar Dalai, who has made a worldwide niche in the area of poetry, speaks of his sweetheart to be a dream that is quite impossible to reach.She is like a shadow.Running after her does never fructify.A figment of imagination that she is, the use of the word “Impalpable” seems a bit out of place.But the selfsame word is the key that lays bare the poet’s intense desire to have a physical contact with her.Given the immaterial touch of moonlight bringing peace to his mind and songs of ordinary (not Krishna ‘s) flutes producing thrills of love, physical give and take will definitely make the poet mad in joy.The cruel eyes of the callous lady -love reflect the the delicacy of his dream which he can never ever enjoy.
Her closeness is a nightmare giving rise to sorrowful tears.But the poet is sanguine about his youthful appearance (spring) which will no doubt bring invitations in the worst of weathers suggested by “clouds” in rainy season.Over time all’s well that ends well.Very enticing poem Sir ! My regards.

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