Silence has a voice ; listen to it
Do go down the memory lane
My time still stands erect there
Silent are my awkward moments
My silent words I face everyday
So much pain and agony dominate
The sea water keeps dead silent
Million hidden silences beneath
There is a silent rise in every fall
Listen to utter silence sometimes.

©®Dr Prasana Kumar Dalai @ India.
Date.Sunday, 29 Oct 2023.

Sir of Asam University , Department of English.Humbled and Honoured.
Dr.Prasana Kumar Dalai.: The very title of the poem is a paradox.It, beginning with paradox,moves with the same, and ends with the spiritual suggestion of the last line, Listen to utter silence sometimes “The poet upholds that silence is louder than loud voice itself, but the regrettable part is that we seldom listen to it, that is,we are divested of introspection.Going down the memory lane, one discovers how often he/she has not listened to the silence of conscience.Human silence (conscience) is drowned by passion and fury of youth.Flux of time seem to stand still in moments of deep spiritual revealtion.When the poet says,My time still stand erect there “, maybe he points at a kind of epiphanic revelation when the mind is free of thoughts.So when thought stops, time stops.It is quite noticeable that our awkward thoughts become silent in the long run.”By saying,”my silent words I face every day” perhaps the poet indicates that he feels the pricks of conscience for abberatios committed in the past.Of course, listening to silence gives him peace occasionally, still he can’t,”Let the dead past bury it’s head”Despite much pain and suffering seemingly concerning his love -life , still there is immense calm founded on faith and certitude at the bottom of the sea.Only the surface is distributed.So things are not taken for granted.True that the poet lover is tossed by ups and downs, his faith is no doubt unflinching.Prone to upbeats and downbeats that we are, the poet is no doubt unflinching.Apparently hazy, the poem gives a clear message to listen to silence.Very beguiling poem that makes readers perspire to figure out.Congrts Sir.Good morning.All typo regretted.

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