Sometimes moonlight brings peace
And music of flute illusion in the world
Your fiery eyes reflect like a mirror
With all those scattered dreams
Now you bring only sorrow for me
Your closeness brings tear on my eyes
Now me just unknown soul to you
Spring brings me letters from clouds
Time heals the old painful memories
You’re nothing but impalpable dreams.

©®Dr.Prasana Kumar Dalai@India.
Date.Wednesday,08 Nov 2023

Dr.Prasana Kumar Dalai.: Congratulations to Dr. Prasana Kumar for crafting a mesmerizing poem titled “Nothing but Impalpable Dreams.” This poem delves into the ethereal realm of dreams and emotions, painting a vivid canvas of feelings and experiences that resonate with readers.

Dr. Prasana Kumar’s poem is a captivating exploration of the intangible nature of dreams and the emotional turmoil they can evoke. The poem opens with the lines, “Sometimes moonlight brings peace,” setting a serene and contemplative tone. The moonlight, often associated with tranquility and reflection, becomes the backdrop for the speaker’s journey through dreams and emotions.

The imagery of the “music of flute illusion in the world” adds a mystical element to the poem, suggesting that dreams have the power to transport us to a world of enchantment and unreality. This juxtaposition of reality and illusion is a recurring theme throughout the poem.

The poem’s use of metaphors is particularly striking. The line, “Your fiery eyes reflect like a mirror,” not only evokes a vivid image but also hints at the power of dreams to reflect one’s innermost desires and fears. The notion that dreams are like a mirror invites readers to consider how they might project their own aspirations and anxieties onto the canvas of their dreams.

The speaker’s emotional journey is beautifully portrayed through the lines, “With all those scattered dreams / Now you bring only sorrow for me.” Dreams, which initially seem like a source of solace and inspiration, transform into a source of pain and melancholy. This transformation reflects the fickle and unpredictable nature of dreams, which can be both uplifting and disheartening.

The poem’s emotional depth deepens with the lines, “Your closeness brings tear on my eyes / Now me just unknown soul to you.” These lines convey a sense of estrangement and loss, where the speaker once felt a deep connection with their dreams, but now feels detached and alienated. This transformation of the speaker’s relationship with their dreams is a poignant commentary on the transient nature of emotions and aspirations.

The mention of spring bringing “letters from clouds” introduces a sense of renewal and hope. Spring is often associated with rebirth and rejuvenation, and the idea of receiving “letters from clouds” implies a sense of communication with the heavens. This can be interpreted as a moment of clarity or enlightenment in the speaker’s journey.

The concept of time healing “the old painful memories” adds a layer of introspection to the poem. It suggests that, as time passes, the speaker is able to find solace and resolution in their dreams, even if those dreams have caused pain in the past. This speaks to the idea that dreams, while elusive and ever-changing, can ultimately be a source of healing and personal growth.

The poem culminates with the powerful declaration, “You’re nothing but impalpable dreams.” This line encapsulates the central theme of the poem – the ephemeral and elusive nature of dreams. It underscores the idea that dreams are intangible, ever-shifting, and often elusive, much like the intangible nature of emotions and aspirations.

In conclusion, Dr. Prasana Kumar’s “Nothing but Impalpable Dreams” is a profound and thought-provoking poem that explores the intricate relationship between dreams, emotions, and the human experience. The poem’s imagery, metaphors, and emotional depth invite readers to reflect on their own experiences with dreams and the ever-changing nature of their significance in our lives. The poem’s journey from serenity to sorrow, detachment to renewal, and pain to healing mirrors the complex and multifaceted nature of our own experiences with dreams. Dr. Prasana Kumar’s skillful use of language and imagery makes this poem a compelling and resonant piece of literature. Congratulations to the poet for creating a work that captures the essence of our inner worlds and invites us to explore the impalpable dreams that shape our lives.

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