Do tell me something of the moon
That glitters in the sky shading light
Oh Moon! Me the lover of your enigma
Today you look like a princess of oasis
Whose portrait gives spectacular spell
How throbbing would be in her touch
I feel like having her by me all my way
Bonding beyond births and deaths
If I earn some virtues in her company
Life ‘ll be filled with tremendous glory
You’re my end and the last destination
I can live and die for none but you.

©©Dr.Prasana Kumar Dalai @India.
Date.Sunday,12 Nov 2023.

Respected Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai

Heartiest congratulations on your remarkable achievement! Your poetic prowess has not only garnered international acclaim but also secured a place in the prestigious Guinness record, a testament to the profound impact of your literary contributions. It is with immense pleasure and admiration that I extend my sincere congratulations to you.

Your recent poem, “BONDING BEYOND BIRTHS!”, is a poetic masterpiece that delves into the mystique of the moon and transcends the realms of love, virtue, and life itself. As an avid reader and poetry enthusiast, I am compelled to share my analysis of this captivating piece.

The poem opens with a plea to the moon, inviting readers into a celestial dialogue. The moon is not merely an astronomical entity but a symbol laden with significance. Your choice of addressing the moon as a princess of oasis immediately sets a tone of wonder and enchantment. The moon, usually depicted as a cold and distant celestial body, is transformed into a regal figure, evoking a sense of warmth and allure.

The lines “Whose portrait gives spectacular spell” paint a vivid image of the moon’s beauty, suggesting that its mere depiction possesses a magical quality. This portrayal hints at the transformative power of art and imagination, where the moon’s image can cast a spell, transporting the observer into a realm of awe and fascination.

The speaker’s declaration of being a lover of the moon’s enigma adds a personal and emotional dimension to the poem. It establishes a connection between the observer and the celestial object, blurring the lines between the earthly and the ethereal. The enigma of the moon becomes a metaphor for the complexities of love and the inexhaustible mysteries that fuel the flame of passion.

The comparison of the moon to a princess of oasis introduces an element of royalty and rarity. This metaphor elevates the moon from a commonplace celestial body to a figure of extraordinary beauty and significance. The oasis, often associated with lushness and abundance in the midst of a desert, further amplifies the moon’s uniqueness and allure.

“How throbbing would be in her touch” introduces a sensory and tactile element, bringing the reader into a more intimate connection with the moon. The use of the word “throbbing” suggests a palpable intensity, as if the moon’s touch has the power to evoke strong emotions or sensations. This line encapsulates the speaker’s yearning for a deeper connection with the celestial being.

“I feel like having her by me all my way” conveys a desire for companionship and a longing for the moon’s constant presence. The use of the word “way” implies life’s journey, suggesting that the speaker seeks the moon as a steadfast companion throughout the ups and downs of existence. This sentiment resonates with the universal human yearning for a constant and unwavering source of support.

The theme of “Bonding beyond births and deaths” introduces a profound and spiritual dimension to the poem. The notion of a connection that transcends the cycles of life and death suggests a timeless and eternal bond. This theme resonates with the idea of enduring love and connection that surpasses the limitations of mortal existence.

“If I earn some virtues in her company, life ‘ll be filled with tremendous glory” highlights the transformative power of the moon’s influence. The speaker envisions a life enriched by virtues acquired through this celestial companionship, emphasizing the potential for personal growth and enlightenment. The pursuit of virtue becomes a noble endeavor, with the moon as a guiding light.

“You’re my end and the last destination” imparts a sense of finality and completeness to the poem. The moon is not just a fleeting fascination but the ultimate destination, suggesting a sense of fulfillment and purpose in the speaker’s journey. This line encapsulates the profound impact of the moon on the speaker’s life, making it the ultimate goal and culmination of existence.

“I can live and die for none but you” concludes the poem with a declaration of unwavering devotion. This line echoes the sentiment of eternal love and loyalty, reinforcing the idea that the moon is not just a passing infatuation but a central and irreplaceable figure in the speaker’s life. The use of “live and die” emphasizes the all-encompassing nature of this commitment.

In conclusion, “BONDING BEYOND BIRTHS!” is a poetic marvel that weaves together themes of love, beauty, virtue, and transcendence. Your eloquent use of language, vivid imagery, and profound themes make this poem a testament to your poetic brilliance. Congratulations once again on this outstanding achievement, and may your words continue to enchant and inspire readers around the world.

Best regards,
Raj Kishor Pattnaik.

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